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Tampa Bay Housing Market with Liane Jamason

Josh Sidorowicz (anchor):

It has been one of the interesting paradoxes of this pandemic.

On the one hand, as we report so often, so many people are struggling with unemployment to pay their rent and their bills. On the other hand, this Realtor say it's unlike anything they've ever seen. Prices are soaring in houses. They aren't selling in days. They are selling within hours.

I spoke with bay area realtor Liane Jamason. She's been doing this for 15 years. She knows her stuff and she told me that at the rate we are going if no new homes were to come onto the market this area would essentially run out in less than a month. So, here's some of her advice if you're looking or if you're thinking about listing.

Liane Jamason (St. Petersburg Realtor):

Literally right now we have 27 days of homes left in Pinellas county and Hillsborough and Pasco are about the same. We're just at the lowest inventory we've had in 25 years. It's a crazy market.

Josh Sidorowicz (anchor):

Why is it so crazy? There's a number of factors and the pandemic is one of them right?

Liane Jamason (St. Petersburg Realtor):

Correct the pandemic is part of it. We saw a lot of sellers not wanting to put their homes on the market because they were afraid of having sick strangers coming into their homes, coupled with really low interest rates and coupled with people that are working from home now. And you know maybe both spouses need a home office or something like that and decided that they really need more space or they want that pool if they're...

6 Gulf Front Communities to Generate Rental Income

Some would say living the Florida dream would be having a residence near the beach that you can stay at whenever you want. Others would argue the ultimate Florida dream is to own a place near the beach you can use AND rent to make some passive income. We work with a number of clients that have an expressed interest in finding property that has the potential to generate rental income. Whether it's used by seasonal tenants or for vacation guests, here are a few condo communities worth checking out if you want to invest on the Gulf to produce some serious spending money. 

Siesta Key

El PresidenteA gated condominium community situated near the south bridge entrance to the key, guests will love vacationing within El Presidente and owners will love the income potential. An ideal location to reach the mainland for everyday conveniences and far enough south to enjoy the direct beach frontage away from the public access points. El Presidente is a smaller, single building with lots of perks including a community pool and spa, club house and tennis courts. There is an on-site rental management company should you prefer the assistance of a property managers, plus owners are allotted 1 week rentals that can be rented 52 times a year.

Sarasota Surf and Racquet...

Bidding War Tips to Make Your Offer Competitive

Bidding War Tips DWELL Real EstateThese are crazy times for our local real estate market. Inventory is at record lows, demand is sky high, prices are climbing... it's a tough time for buyers trying to secure their dream home. We came across a great article in Forbes discussing how to navigate through a multiple offer situation and ways to put yourself in a better scenario to win a bidding war. 


In a hot housing market, it’s often not enough to quickly make an offer on a house you just discovered. You’ll likely face competition from at least one other buyer (if not more), and it will be up to the seller to decide who can best close the deal.

To improve your odds of winning a bidding war, you’ll need to plan your approach days or weeks in advance. Here’s how you can get an edge on the competition.

What Is a Bidding War?

A bidding war is when at least two prospective buyers have made legitimate offers for a home and the seller needs to determine which one is best. It could be an easy decision for the seller, especially if one prospective buyer has a much more attractive offer than others.

The bidding war could also turn into a drawn-out process if the purchase offers are very similar, such as prospective buyers who are preapproved, made an offer of a similar amount and are both flexible on contingencies. That’s when a seller is in the driver’s seat and can sit back and watch while the buyers try to outbid each other on money, terms or both.

Bidding wars are common—in most of 2020, over half of home offers written by Redfin agents faced competitive bids, according to the company’s study. Although...