Within 100 Yards of Main Street

Looking to enjoy the downtown lifestyle in Sarasota, Florida. I don't blame you. That is a lifestyle many people seek. Just take a look at the number of construction cranes littered around downtown and that shows the demand for condos in downtown Sarasota. We get inquiries daily from people who want to purchase in the downtown area. 

Today's article is about the downtown condos that are within footsteps of Main Street. We didn't actually measure out 100 yards to each condo community but I am sure we are pretty close. These condos are for those people that simply want to be in the middle of the action. While the Renaissance condo building is a great place to live it is definitely a far walk to Main street on a hot Florida day. 

1. Introduction to Downtown Sarasota
     1.1 Video of Downtown Sarasota
     1.2 Drone Video of Downtown Sarasota
2. Downtown Condos Near Main Street
     2.1 100 Central
     2.2 1350 Main
     2.3 Bay Plaza
     2.4 Cityscape
     2.5 Dolphin Tower
     2.6 Gulfstream Towers
     2.7 Library Mews
     2.8 Marina Tower
     2.9 Orange Blossom Tower
     2.10  Plaza at Five Points
     2.11  Rivo on Ringling
     2.12  The Jewel
     2.13  The Q
3. Downtown Condo Market Statistics
     3.1 Zip Code 34236 Sales Statistics - Last 2 Years
     3.2 Sarasota County Sales Statistics - Last 2 Years
     3.3 How Much Do You Need to Spend?
     3.4 Current Price Ranges
4. Downtown Condos Under Construction
     4.1 Allure
     4.2 Aqua 
     4.3 Azure on Palm 
     4.4 Sansara
     4.5 The Artisan on Main
     4.6 The Vue
     4.7 Valencia at Rosemary Place
     4.8 Vanguard Lofts
5. Places to Dine
6. Distance to Lido Key Beach

Introduction to Downtown Sarasota

Downtown Sarasota may be the only small city in Florida where you can boat, dine on world-class cuisine, enjoy the opera, stroll in a botanical garden, shop for gourmet sustenance at Whole Foods, or take in some jazz at the Gator Club, all within walking distance of your home. Downtown Sarasota enjoys a variety of condominium options and the options continue to grow. Just take a drive through downtown and you will see all of the construction cranes building new and wonderful places to live. The demand is high for the downtown lifestyle and these condos are being snapped up by former barrier island dwellers, new empty nesters and young professionals looking for urban vibrancy.

Downtown Sarasota Video

Drone Video of Downtown Sarasota

Downtown Sarasota Condos Near Main Street

Main Street is not where all of the action happens but there are plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment to enjoy. Some condos like Alinari or Essex House might be considered downtown condos but you probably will stop jump into the car to visit the fun in the heart of the city. 

Below are a myriad of condos that are within footsteps of Main Street.

100 Central

Address: 100 Central Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 2005
Units: 95
2016 Prices:  $415,000 - $835,000
Current Inventory:  100 Central Condos For Sale

1350 Main

Address: 1350 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 2007
Units: 138
2016 Prices: $437,500 - $2,275,000
Current Inventory: 1350 Main Condos For Sale

Bay Plaza

Address: 1255 Gulfstream Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 1982
Units: 102
2016 Prices: $325,000 - $950,000
Current Inventory: Bay Plaza Condos For Sale


Address: 1990 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 2005
Units: 19
2016 Prices: $319,500 - $415,000
Current Inventory: Cityscape Condos For Sale

Dolphin Tower

Address: 101 Gulfstream Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 1974
Units: 116
2016 Prices: $243,600 - $480,000
Current Inventory: Dolphin Tower Condos For Sale

Gulfstream Towers

Address:             33 S. Gulfstream Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year Built: 1964
Units: 72
2016 Prices: $310,000 - $335,500
Current Inventory: Gulfstream Towers Condos For Sale

Library Mews

Address: 200 Cocoanut Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 2000
Units: 11
2016 Prices: No Sales
Current Inventory:  Library Mews Condos For Sale

Marina Tower

Address: 1233 Gulfstream Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 2001
# of units: 40
2016 Prices: $1,010,000
Current Inventory: Marina Tower Condos For Sale

Orange Blossom Tower

Address: 1330 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 1926
# of units: 7
2016 Prices: No sales
Current Inventory: Orange Blossom Tower Condos For Sale

Plaza at Five Point

Address: 50 Central Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 2006
# of units: 52
2016 Prices: $847,500 - $1,300,000
Current Inventory: Plaza at Five Points Condos For Sale

Rivo on Ringling

Address: 1771 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 2006
# of units: 106
2016 Prices: $490,000 - $537,000
Current Inventory: Rivo on Ringling Condos For Sale

The Jewel

Address: 1301 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 2016
Units: 19
Current Inventory: The Jewel on Main Condos For Sale

The Q

Address: 1750 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34236
Year built: 2015-2016
Units: 40
Current Inventory: The Q Condos For Sale

Downtown Condo Market Statistics

Below is a quarterly chart going back 12 years for the downtown condominiums referenced above. The light green bars are the inventory. Dark green displays the number of closed transactions and the red line are pending transactions. You can see the craziness we went through 12 years ago in the 2004 and 2005 time period. Notice the huge spike in inventory which ultimately led to the bubble. I am glad to see that our inventory levels are no where near what they were at the end of 2005 when sellers rushed to the market to capture the high prices. 

Zip Code 34236 Sales Statistics - Last 2 Years

The charts below shows sales, pending sales and inventory levels for all of zip code 34236. This includes both downtown, Bird Key and Lido Key

As you can see there has been an upward trend in inventory. This is pretty normal when prices have escalated. Some home owners have decided to sell to profit from the higher real estate prices. 

Sarasota County Sales Statistics - Last 2 Years

Below are sales, pending sales and inventory levels for homes and condos in all of Sarasota county. It is wise to look at the overall market because it may have some influence over the downtown Sarasota condo market. If inventories skyrocket on a county wide level it might cause buyers of downtown condos to take a pause. 

How Much Do You Need to Spend?

It simply is not cheap to live in downtown Sarasota. This is a relatively expensive market when compared to other areas of Florida. So the question many have is what do I need to spend to live in a condo near Main Street in downtown Sarasota?

The starting price for such a condo will be in the $300,000 range. We have a foreclosure listed in Gulfstream Towers that is listed for $279,900. However, we currently have 2 offers on the property. You can read more about it here.

You can expect to find a fixer upper here and there between $250,000 and $300,000. However, the majority of your condo options near the heart of the city will exceed $300,000. Dolphin Tower will be one of the less expensive condo options.

Current Price Ranges

Below is a break down of today's prices in the above downtown condo buildings. As you can see, roughly, 68% of the condos are pried between $300,000 and $750,000. 

<$250k $300,001 - $500k $500,001 - $750k $750,001 - $1m $1m - $1.5m $1.5m+
Condos For Sale 1 20 10 7 3 3
2% 45% 23% 16% 7% 7%

Downtown Condos Under Construction


These four story luxury home investments at Sarasota downtown that are currently rocking the real estate world. These buildings are planned to be completed in the year 2017 when their glam will be fully ripe. The buildings are built at Golden Gate Point, a place in Sarasota that brags of high aesthetic value than any other place under the sky.

View Allure Condos For Sale


Aqua is an ultra-luxury condo development on Golden Gate Point. These spacious units offer amazing views of the Sarasota bay and John Ringling Bridge.

View Aqua Condos For Sale

Azure on Palm

Located on South Palm Avenue, Azure on Palm is downtown's most coveted address for a select few. Just steps from Sarasota's bustling bayfront and marina, in the heart of downtown Sarasota on a tranquil, residential street, Azure on Palm fuses modern innovation and luxury with timeless quality and style. This condominium community, designed by the award-winning team of DSDG Architects, is just five stories tall with 16 residences.

View Azure on Palm Condos For Sale


Sansara is a new addition to the downtown Sarasota condo scene. It is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2016. It resides at the corner of Ringling Blvd. and S. Pineapple Avenue. Residents of Sansara will have a relatively short walk to the action found on Main Street. 

View Sansara Condos For Sale

The Artisan on Main

These thirty seven townhouses will have private rooftop terrace and range in size from 1,857 to 2,690 square feet. Residents will be within a bike ride to all of the amenities of downtown Sarasota. They can also just meander over to Payne Park and enjoy a stroll through the park.

View Artisan on Main Condos For Sale

The Vue

The Vue is the largest new condo development under construction in downtown Sarasota. It will reside at the corner of Gulfstream Avenue and U.S. 41. If you have been in Sarasota long enough you may remember the old Holiday Inn hotel and Denny's restaurant that used to sit at that corner. It is a fabulous location if you are looking to be within walking distance to all of the amenities that downtown Sarasota has to offer.

View The Vue Condos For Sale

Valencia at Rosemary Place

Brand new townhomes that were designed by BDG Architects and are being built by Peregrine Homes are scheduled for completion this Fall of 2016! The prime location on Boulevard of the Arts and Coconut Avenue puts owners in the vibrant and exciting lifestyle of the Downtown Sarasota Rosemary District. 

View Valencia at Rosemary Place Condos For Sale

Vanguard Lofts

Every unit in the Vanguard Lofts has a balcony or patio where residents can enjoy their morning coffee or a glass of wine after a long day at work. The Historic District of Rosemary District offers an excellent place to shop and explore for those that are interested in the old-world charm of the city.

View Vanguard Lofts Condos For Sale

Places to Dine

Where you normally dine will depend on where you are located in town. The condos on the west side of Main street are 1350 Main, 100 Central, Plaza at Five Points, Bay Plaza, Dolphin Tower, Gulfstream Tower, Orange Blossom Tower, Marina Tower, Library Mews and The Jewel. These condos will frequent places like Classico, Epicure, Two Senoritas, Selva Grill, Cafe Amici, First Watch, Caragiulos, Louie Modern and Mozaic.

The condos on the east side of Main Street are Rivo on Ringling, Cityscape and Courthouse Centre and The Q. Owners in these buildings will be closer restaurants like El Greco, Pho Cali, Drunken Poet, The Wing House, World of Beer, Sake House, Mediterraneo, Utamuro, Made, Michelle's Brown Bag, Beulah and Fast and Fresh. 

Distance to Lido Key Beach

A common question from downtown condo buyers is "how far from the beach?". Lido Key is the closest beach to the city. Below details the distance each condo is from Lido Key public beach.

Distance to the Beach Estimated Time to the Beach
100 Central 3.3 miles 12 minutes
1350 Main 3.2 miles 11 minutes
Bay Plaza 3.1 miles 11 minutes
Cityscape 4 miles 15 minutes
Dolphin Tower 3.2 miles 12 minutes
Gulfstream Tower 3.1 miles 12 minutes
Library Mews 3.2 miles 12 minutes
Marina Tower 3 miles 10 minutes
Orange Blossom Tower 3.1 miles 11 minutes
Plaza at Five Points 3.3 miles 12 minutes
Rivo on Ringling 3.7 miles 13 minutes
The Jewel 3.1 miles 11 minutes
The Q 4.5 miles 15 miles

If we can assist you buying or selling a downtown Sarasota condo please call us at 941.822.0708 or Contact us.

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