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The bluest skies and the fluffiest white clouds make for a perfect setting in every vacation dream anyone ever has. Of course, for those who live in Grove Pointe, both are a daily occurrence. Imagine waking up to sip hot coffee and watch reports of northerners digging themselves out of another three feet of snow that week alone only to take in the sight of your twinkling Christmas lights and the 80-degree temperature. Read More About Grove Point.

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Life in Sarasota is a permanent vacation. This darling little community has what it takes to encompass all that you ever imagined Florida to be. It’s brightly painted houses that are cheerful day in and day out. It’s walking down the street with the dog and finding it impossible not to smile at the bright homes, the cheerful flower gardens and the blue skies. 

Grove Pointe is only minutes from downtown Sarasota. All this means for you is deciding which gorgeous waterfront restaurant is the one that is calling your name for lunch with the ladies. Do you sit inside or out where you can see the water and really enjoy the cool, crisp taste of a glass of white wine. Living here is no more complicated than deciding whether to order a glass or a bottle. It’s deciding on difficult things such as taking the boat out on the ocean or running the jet skis along the beach. It’s golf or horseback riding. It’s a dinner cruise or an evening at a local art gallery. It’s all the tough decisions you’ve ever had to make on vacation, every single day. 

Anyone looking for life in a community where it’s safe, upscale and always fun will find that life in Grove Pointe is all of the above and more. It’s community cookouts and perfectly landscaped lawns. It’s moving off the sidewalk to let a young mother push her baby’s stroller by as you ask her how her older one is loving her horseback riding lessons. It’s community, but it’s not invasive nor does it lack privacy. It’s vacation, every single day of the year no matter what else is going on. 

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